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CAD….Turn Your Ideas Into A Reality!

It is important when choosing furniture for your Business, School or Shop that you know exactly what you will be receiving, this is even more so for when choosing fitted furniture.

No longer is it acceptable to offer a crudely drawn design on a scrap of paper hoping it will turn out as you had imagined!

We believe that offering a CAD service to clients is essential.

The main three benefits are:

  1. Drawings are to scale – Furniture can be shown in situ in a true to life model of the room.
  2. Designs can be viewed in three dimension – All details of your furniture can viewed from all angles.
  3. Ability to produce a photo realistic rendered image Р This helps when choosing wood finishes, paint colours and even handles.

The main benefit for using CAD is that both supplier and client are “singing from the same hymn sheet”.

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