Here at Lichfields’ Furniture we pride ourselves on our passion and commitment to producing hand crafted, quality, pieces of bespoke and long lasting furniture with the you, the client in mind. We’re a friendly, personal, family business with over twenty years’ experience in designing, producing and installing hand-crafted pieces of furniture.

Working with a variety of clients, both commercial and domestic, small and medium in property conversions, schools, nurseries, shops and coffee shops we have a broad range of experience of delivering high-end bespoke pieces of furniture including retail counters, office storage solutions and boutique shelving for various independent businesses.

From the first phone call to site surveys, consultations to manufacturing and installing your multi-purpose and functional fitted furniture, our ‘labour of love’ will be your office, your shop, your café, your nursery, school or university interior for years to come. We pride ourselves on making and installing furniture ‘fit for purpose’ for your business to look after your clients without worrying about your surroundings.

Lichfields’ Furniture work with a number of clients across a variety of sectors to provide fitted furniture solutions including;

  • libraries,
  • functional storage,
  • turnkey rooms,
  • reception desks,
  • computer rooms,
  • full office environments including coffee areas, cabinet space, printer stations etc.
solid surface bar top
Jun 20


Why Use A Solid Surface?

As a material, solid surface (i.e. Corian, Staron or Hi-Macs) is high specification and very versatile, allowing for a wide choice in colours and patterns to complement your new or existing décor. As a work surface it has all the durability you will need, being hard-wearing and capable of surviving a busy working environment. It’s water resistant quality will make the panic of spillages a distant memory, as it refuses to absorb any liquids regardless of contact time. Perfect for moulding and shaping, the material reduces the need for joining resulting in an almost seamless finish however innovative the designs.


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  • Why Use A Solid Surface? - Lichfield's Furniture Solutions
Pre School Play Corner
  • Why Use A Solid Surface? - Lichfield's Furniture Solutions
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