School Furniture

School Furniture

As a school, we recognise your need for high quality pieces of school furniture that are durable, hard-wearing, easy to maintain, yet offer you real value for your money.

That is why we always aim to work within your academic timeframe – as well as within your limited budget – to ensure your students always benefit from lasting comfort and the resources to succeed in their studies.

Desks, cabinet space, storage… with Lichfields Furniture we can offer you a number of affordable school furniture solutions that are practical, reliable, but most importantly have been uniquely designed and hand-crafted to ensure the needs of your students and staff are always met.

Every one of our pieces are carefully manufactured and installed to maximise your classroom, library and staffing space. So if your school is planning a refurbishment or needs assistance with a new build, contact our specialist team of joiners at Lichfields Furniture today.

Professionally trained to handle all your school furniture requirements, we can tailor our furniture designs to create relaxing staff rooms, peaceful library spaces and multi-functional storage areas.